An online, self-paced course

The Connected Couple's Guide

A step-by-step plan to strengthen your relationship and navigate the transition to parenthood as a kick a$$ team.


Shifting from partners to parents is hard.

After all, you’ve added a third person to your relationship—one who’s always crying and never sleeping—leaving you with little left to give to one another.

Conversations center around the baby’s needs instead of your own.

Quality time (and the energy for it) is hard to find.

When conflict arises, you’re not sure how to handle it anymore.

You know you love each other. So how do you get past the disconnect, dissatisfaction, and defensiveness, and work as a team again?

Staying connected after baby is difficult.

But with the right tools and resources, you can find your way back to each otherstarting today. 

With The Connected Couple’s Guide you can:

Reduce conflict

Repair your relationship

Reconnect with your partner

And start working as a team.


The Connected Couple’s Guide Curriculum

Get to the root of your struggles, so you can heal, grow, and thrive together after baby.

The Struggle is Real

Discover the common struggles couples face in the transition to parenthood, and identify the signs your relationship needs some TLC (tender loving care).

How to Understand and Be Understood

Learn how to make your partner feel seen and heard. Understand the difference between active and reflective listening, and implement strategies for both.

Keys to Communication

Ditch criticism, avoid assumptions, and master the art of kind, direct communication so your partner feels safe sharing their feelings and needs.

Fighting Fair

Discover how to establish rules that preserve your connection, even in conflict, and how to repair when an argument goes too far.

Check and Connect

Identify ways to prioritize time together, even when schedules are tight, so you can build intimacy and strengthen your bond as a couple.

Grow Forward

Create a shared vision, establish goals, and protect and maintain your connection to one another.

The Connected Couple’s Guide includes:

  • 10 modules with bite-sized, on-demand videos
  • Scripts, printables, connection cards and other resources to help personalize your journey, and keep track of your goals and action steps
  • Discussion activities to help you identify your needs and communicate them to your partner
  • Expert guidance from licensed therapists with 20+ years combined experience

Supporting You (and your Boo) in the Transition to Parenthood

As therapists and moms who have been there, we know how challenging it is to get the help you need to repair your relationship.

Just admitting you’re struggling is hard enough, without trying to convince your spouse to go to therapy, or find a sitter to watch the baby, or squeeze an appointment into the only hour you have for yourself anymore.

We created The Connected Couple’s Guide to make what we do more accessible to parents just like you. This self-paced online course helps you:

  • Identify the common challenges that make staying connected hard AF
  • Develop a personalized plan to strengthen your relationship
  • Implement practical, evidence-based strategies that work in the moments you need them


Get the tools we use with our clients (and ourselves)-all from the comfort of your own home.

Let us help you be the parents and partners you want to be.


Bundle & Save

Our bundle is a savings of $49 and includes everything from BOTH courses, The New Mama Survival Guide and The Connected Couple's Guide.

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Helping Couples Like You Get Their Lives Back

"Sasha and Alex helped my husband and I learn to work together and communicate SO much better! They made me feel so much less alone in this!"

-Kelley S.
(Facebook review)


The Plan

Build the life you want with the one you love the most.

Here's how:

1. Buy the Course

Our online videos are easy to access, and fit into whatever small pockets of time you have (and with a baby, we know that isn’t much!)

2. Follow the Guide

We’ll walk you through the same process we use with our own clients, and give you practical ways to customize the tools for your specific needs.

3. Thrive Together after Baby

Feel less alone and more equipped to embrace and overcome the challenges of your new role as a parent.


Common Questions

Wave bye-bye to miscommunication

The transition from partners to parents can make it hard to communicate the way you used to. If you’re struggling to say what you mean, get what you need, and work together as a team, we’re here to help!

Download our three-step formula for productive, problem-solving conversations that work.