An online, self-paced course

The Roadmap to Parenthood

Navigate your new role as mom (or dad) without losing yourself, your relationships, or your sh!t.

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An online, self-paced course

The Roadmap to Parenthood

Navigate your new role as mom (or dad) without losing yourself, your relationships, or your sh!t.

- BUY THE COURSE ($149) -

Life as a new parent can be chaotic, confusing, and all-consuming.

One minute you’re a happy couple cruising through life.

The next minute you’re holding a brand new human, and wondering if anything will ever be the same again.

You’re struggling to connect and communicate with your partner.

Meanwhile, issues from your past are bubbling up out of nowhere.

And you’re trying to juggle it all, plus learn how to care for your baby, all at the same time.

You’re doing your best. So why doesn’t it feel like enough?

Becoming a parent feels hard because it is hard.

But with the right tools and resources, you can change course - starting today.

Our Roadmap to Parenthood online course empowers you to:

Identify the challenges that make being a new parent hard AF

Develop a personalized plan to help you work through your stuff.

Implement practical, evidence-based strategies that work in the moments you need them most.

So you can be the parent, partner, and person you want to be.

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The Roadmap to Parenthood curriculum

Get to the root of your struggles, so you can heal, grow, and thrive after baby.

New Parent Pitfalls

Discover the reasons why you feel like you’re struggling more than other new parents.

The Overnight Transition

Understand the unique challenges faced by moms and dads, and how you can best support one another.

All the Feelings

Learn how to recognize the symptoms of common postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, and where to get help.

How Past Impacts Present

Identify how your core beliefs and inner critic influence your actions and interactions with your baby and your spouse.

Breaking the Cycle

Implement strategies for recognizing your unmet needs, so you can show up as the parent, partner, and person you want to be.

Communication and Connection

Employ simple scripts to help you express your thoughts and feelings in a way that strengthens the bond with your partner.

Overcoming Mental Overwhelm

Learn how to handle worry, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety before they overpower you.

New Parent Toolkit

Explore dozens of practical tips for everything from self-care to sleep; feeding challenges to pelvic pain (ouch); connecting with your baby and more.

The Roadmap to Parenthood includes:

  • 10 modules with bite-sized, on-demand videos
  • Printables to help personalize your journey, and keep track of your goals and action steps
  • Discussion activities to help you identify your needs and communicate them to your partner
  • Expert guidance from licensed therapists with 20+ years combined experience

Practical Strategies from Therapists and  Moms Who Have Been There

When you’re struggling with the transition to parenthood, getting the help you need can feel impossible. You have a brand new baby and somehow you are also supposed to be able to:

  • Leave the house looking half-way presentable so you can get to a therapy appointment on time (if you can even find the time)
  • Admit your issues to a group of complete strangers
  • Find a sitter without feeling the bone-crushing guilt of spending even more time away from your baby
  • Convince your extremely resistant spouse to participate with you
  • Stretch your already limited resources to cover the expense of a counselor

You shouldn’t have to fight so hard to get the support you deserve.

And now you don’t have to.

We created The Roadmap to Parenthood to make what we do more accessible to parents just like you. This self-paced online course gives you strategies and support for all the physical, mental, and relational changes you’ll encounter on the path of new parenthood—all from the comfort of your own home.

Let us help you get your life back. (You can even wear your pajamas while you do)

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Helping Parents Like You Get Their Lives Back

"...We have been able to communicate effectively, each take daily "me time" and thus enjoy each other and our baby more because of the preparation provided in this course. I cannot recommend it enough!"

-JuliAnn K.
(Facebook reviews)

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The Plan

Trade shame and guilt for compassion and confidence.

Here's how:

1. Buy the Course

Our online videos are easy to access, and fit into whatever small pockets of time you have (and with a baby, we know that isn’t much!)

2. Follow the Roadmap

We’ll walk you through the same process we use with our own clients, and give you practical ways to customize the tools for your specific needs.

3. Thrive after Baby

Feel less alone and more equipped to embrace and overcome the challenges of your new role as a parent.


Common Questions

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Has becoming a parent thrown you for a loop?

Download our three-step guide for taming the transition to parenthood. We’ll help you identify where and why you’re struggling so you can develop a plan to get your life back. Take the first step toward becoming the parent, partner, and person you want to be.